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Draw My Life - Casey Neistat
Published: 3 years ago
drawings by the brilliant Kim Smith, check out her work here; music by Jordan Galland (total ...
Fat and Lazy
Published: 3 years ago
smart quotes and ideas - follow Music by MAXZWELL Music by Danijel Zambo ...
Working 24 Hours at the Best BBQ in the World | Bon Appetit
Published: 1 year ago
Bon Appetit deputy editor Andrew Knowlton spends 24 hours at Franklin Barbecue starting out at 6:00 am and meeting fans of the restaurant who have been ...
Iceland Is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1,000 Years | Short Film Showcase
Published: 9 months ago
The landscape of Iceland has changed a lot in a thousand years. When the Vikings first arrived in the ninth century, the land was covered in 25 to 40 percent ...
Sylbo, The Last Speakers of the Lost Whistling Language | TIME
Published: 5 years ago
In the age of mobile phones, the remaining "speakers" of a dying whistling language try to preserve a vital means of communication over vast distances.
Orca and Kayaker Encounter Caught on Drone Video
Published: 2 years ago
New Zealand photographer Sam Kynman-Cole captured drone footage of a playful orca whale interacting with a kayaker in Army Bay, New Zealand.
Flashmob Carmina Burana
Published: 6 years ago
SolistInnen, Chor, Orchester der Volksoper Wien boten im April Fahrgästen und Passanten eine besondere Performance. Die KünstlerInnen lösten sich aus der ...
Why New York's Skyline Has a Distinct Look
Published: 4 months ago
Why do so many of New York's older skyscrapers have a similar design? The answer can be traced back to a monumental 1916 zoning law, which established ...
Crazy Rich Singapore is Coming Alive
Published: 5 months ago
It was once known as a place where people went to work, rather than play - but a lot has changed. Singapore now boasts six of the world's best bars, 47 Michelin ...
El arte de ser un guerrero samurai | CULTURA JAPONESA
Published: 11 days ago
Aprendemos a utilizar una katana, presenciamos el arduo entrenamiento de profesionales del sumo y apreciamos una obra de teatro un tanto diferente.
$1,700 Apartment Vs. $40,000 Apartment
Published: 1 year ago
"Babe. I got this spot." In Worth It: Lifestyle Season 2, a spin off of BuzzFeed's hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, ...
INSANE Street Food Tour in Cairo, Egypt | HEAVIEST Street Food in The WORLD!
Published: 10 days ago
We found the BEST Street Food in Cairo, Egypt! Follow along with us on this FULL-ON Street Food ADVENTURE of Cairo, Egypt and discover some AMAZING ...
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